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7(64), Vista Home Prem. (32) and XP sp3(32)I want access across the board like the old days. All I get is access denied. Whats the solution??
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  1. I should give more information. I have 3 computers at home with 3 operating systems named above. I can connect to internet properly from anywhere on the network. It seems that certain folders share fine also, like designated public folders. I am using a linksys access point for wireless. wap54g rev 1.1
  2. my prob is w/ xp-is it like urs

    I know that the wireless network is there because the other computers in my network can see it just fine. All of the other computers that see the network are vista. I looked at information about my wireless card using Lavalys Everest and the windows device manager, but i can not see anything directly wrong with the actual device. Then i ran and ipconfig, which showed me that all of my network card, WHICH ARE HARDWIRED TO THE MOTHERBOARD can not be found! I then got out a USB wireless adapter and plugged it in. I could not use it with Windows Zero Configuration, but it works completley smoothly connecting with the Linksys USB device manager. I think that this may mean that my installation of WZC is corrupt, but i think that I am going to have to find a way to reinstall it.
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