i've had numerous psu calculator show completely different results;

Specs motherboard- seen peak of 150W +
gfx(gtx 260 core216) peak 300W
Phenom II 720 peak 150W+
2 HDD 40W
DVD burner 30w

this shows
i need ~670W, i know i don't need that much, where are the benchmarks coming from.
ex: phenom says 95w, on some forum the power consumption goes to 150w ??

Clarify plz
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  1. really? 670w? That doesn't seem right to me.... if i were just going on my intuition i'd say you wouldn't need more than a 550w for that system (assuming a good quality antec or something like it). I reccommend (if you are being paranoid, this may well be overkill) a pc power and cooling 610w unit... damn good quality those are by all accounts
  2. A motherboard that uses 150W? A GTX260 wouldn't use 300W either. Two in SLI use a bit more then that, the GTX295 uses a bit less. The 720 is a triple is it not? If so, it won't use 150W either. Seems like whoever is telling you this wants you to buy a huge PSU. Look for something in the 500-650 range, make sure it has at least 34A on the 12V rail. (unless you want to SLI those GTX260s, then you'll need more.)
  3. thx, i'm getting vx550, should be good enough, the info is from all over the forums
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