Old biostar m6tlc pentium 2 overclock issue help

Hello, I own a biostar m6tlc motherboard and a pentium 2 processor at 266 mHz. I tried to overclock it to 300 mHz by arranging the jumpers accordingly after refering to the manual. When I powered it on it didn't display anything on the monitor. so I had to hold down the power button and then I switched the jumpers back to how it was originally. But now when I try to turn it on it does the same thing- it doesn't load the bios or the OS or nothing. It sounds normal but shows nothing. I thought it might have been something simple so I made sure all cables were connected properly but still nothing. I have never overclocked before so I dont really know what I am doing btw. Does anyone have any idea what might have went wrong?

Also, normally if I took out the RAM and tried to power it on it would make loud beeping noises continuosly, but now if I do that it doesn't make the noise anymore, so I think I messed up something with the motherboard or power cables i dont know.

OS: windows 98 SE
video card: riva 128
motherboard: biostar m6tlc

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  1. Is this a joke?
  2. Bump up that voltage in .1 volt increments. (not more than .5 though) Going from 266-300Mhz should be easy and those old procs are pretty tolerant of the extra voltage. And if you do fry it, oh well.
  3. how do I increase the voltage?
  4. fixed the problem didnt end up overclocking just reset the cmos thing in the motherboard
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