AMD 6000+ bottleneck with this config?

Hi I was curious if a AMD 6000+ on a nForce 590 made by EVGA could be bottlenecking 2 GTX 260's (216's) in SLI. I have noticed some lacking performance (dips below 30fps) in some games and performance all around that leads one to think that the system is running off one card instead of two. Other info, I have 8 gigs of ddr2 800 memory , OS is Vista 64 bit, power supply is 750w. Cooling is adequate. Does anyone here have any suggestions, could it be a failed PCI slot or a fried card? Latest drivers are installed (182.08) and yes SLI is "enabled" in nvidia settings.

Thanks for any help guys
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  1. i am no expert, but the short answer i think everyone would say is yes, ur cpu is the bottleneck of ur system
  2. Thanks for the response, can someone else throw in their 2 cents, I am anxious to get to the bottom of this
  3. Yeah most likely it is your cpu that is causing the bottle neck, usually for amd processors in the x2 line the best way to use them is to buy the black edition and overclock them in order to reduce the bottleneck if your cpu is at stock speeds then chances are it is seriously bottlenecking your cards
  4. First of all you'll get a slight performance hit for using a PCI-E 1.0 motherboard as opposed to a PCI-E 2.0 motherboard with two 16x lanes. On top of that your CPU is limiting your performance. Nvidia drivers do take advantage of multiple cores when running in SLi so upgrading to a newer quad or tripple core CPU would help you there. You should check the EVGA website to see if you can support newer AM3 CPUs with a BIOS update. If not then see if your board will at least support the phenom quad cores so you can go with something like a 9950 or a 9850 and overclock it. If your board does not accept that then you should look into overclocking your current CPU until you can upgrade your board and CPU.
  5. For now you should also lower some of the more CPU intensive settings in games so that your CPU can better feed your GPUs with data so you can keep those high GPU intensive settings.
  6. Yeah your definitly going to see a bottleneck with that CPU. If your mobo can handle it, it would be beneficial to upgrade to maybe a Phenon II X3 or X4.
  7. Thanks for the advice guys
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