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To RAID or not to RAID?

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a b G Storage
June 27, 2010 6:19:52 AM

Maybe someone can flip a coin & help me decide, for my cash-flow exceeds my tech-level! :heink: 
In a Shuttle SN78SH7 / 300 watt PSU, SATA II ports (2 onboard, 2 eSATA) -1 for optical drive unless IDE :[
I have:
(2) 80GB Intel SSD's (g1 I think) and (2) 500GB Seagate Momentus XT's.
I have implemented RAID in BIOS to RAID 0 on just SSD's and gotten crashes with several Win 7 64 clean installs.
Apperently I've been mis-using my SSD's with too many writes?
Also I tried (2) mobile RAID 2.5" --> 3.5" port multiplier enclosures with Sil5744 chip I think.
I reckon I suffered firmware or driver issues and didn't see much benefit for speeds, mobo can't see port multipliers.
Linux troubles me with RAID installs, too, though it's probably not Linux' fault!
1 TB of external storage on Toshiba USB / eSATA is also available.

Should I: A) dual-boot from 1 SSD and store on 1 TB in RAID 0 on the XT's?
B) grind it out and configure Linux RAID for the whole lot? Given Linux RAID capability- run Win7 64 on Virtual Box for games?
C) shell out for a PCI or PCI-X SATA II RAID card? ( these aren't a fail-safe solution, but I could use the SATA II ports)
D) Pair 1 of each drive in SPAN and split Win / Linux? (questionable dual boot?)
E) save 1 of each drive for another system or replacement?
F) Put the whole mess on Ebay & start over with another build?
MAybe Too Much Info, but I'm pretty stumped. Please, at least help me with my buyer's remorse! :ange: 

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a b G Storage
June 27, 2010 6:37:44 AM

Ah, before I forget, the processor is triple core AMD and the Bois isn't the right one specified on Shuttle's website, but it POST's and features seem to work...
I don't like the risk associated with BIOS flashing.