Need Advice on new homebuild...

Hi i need some advice.
i am building a new system with a budget of near 250 pounds( i will go over by up to 300 but thats the base plan) . i will be buying the parts from ebay.
i already have a 350gb sata hd and a dl dvd drive
what i need is...

a decent (cheap) motherboard that supports a q6600 and has a PCI-e x16 bus and supports up to 4gb ram.
a decent yet again cheap mid ranged graphics card (like a 8800gt)

it will be used for alot of gaming and using programs like flash,java,photoshop and a bit of 3d modeling.
i dont think il bother overclocking with a quad core so a

things that are going to be bought for sure:

corsair 2x2gb ram (4gb total) - 40 pounds
q6600 quad core processor - 150 pounds

Already have:
350gb sata HD
DL Dvd drive
400W psu

Needed items again:
Motherboard that supports q6600,sata and Pci-e 2.0 bus 4gb ram
Mid ranged good graphics card like a 8800gt used for gaming (gta iv)
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  1. Look for a P43 or P45 motherboard.

    A generic 400W PSU may struggle or fail with an 8800GT or 9800GT. An ATI 4830 might draw a bit less power, but the same thing applies.
  2. thank you for the quick reply, what Watts do you reccomend? keeping in mind its a quad core and the min power reqierment for a 8800gt is 400w
  3. also is there a mobo that im looking for within the price range of 50 pounds? (sorry for saying pounds, my icon thing dont work)
  4. Is this setup better? seeing as Q6600 is quite expensive:

    AMD PHENOM 8650 X3 SOCKET AM2 PROCESSOR 64 BIT Tri core processor.
    AMD PHENOM X3 8650 3.5MB SKT-AM2+ 3600MT/s
    Model Number:HD8650WCJ3BGH / HD8650WCGHBOX
    Package Type:Retail
    Warranty:3 Years
    Interface:Socket AM2+
    Bus Speed:3600MT/s
    Core Name:Toliman
    Core Frequency:2.3GHz
    Core Voltage:1.1v - 1.25v
    Process Technology:65nm
    Bus/Core Ratio:11.5
    Memory Controller:Dual
    L1 Cache:384KB
    L2 Cache:1.5MBL3 Cache: 2MB
    Multi-Core Design
    HyperTransport 3.0
    Cool n Quiet 2.0

    COST : 100 pounds


    Mobo for this
    Biostar GF8100-M2+SE Socket AM2 Motherboard
    BIOSTAR GF8100 M2+SE Socket AM2
    Package Type: Retail

    Supports AMD Athlon Dual Core & Phenom Quad Core & Triple Core Processors

    Supports both Windows XP 32-bit & 64-bit and Windows Vista 32-bit & 64-bit
    Chipset: NVIDIA GeForce 8100
    CPU Interface: Socket AM2 & AM2+
    Front Side Bus: From 1000MHz to 4000MHz +

    On board 512MB nVidia GeForce 8100 Turbo Cache Graphics

    RAM Technology: DDR2 (Dual Channel) MAX 8GB
    RAM Slots: 2 x 240-Pin

    RAM Speeds: DDR2 533 / 667 / 800 / 1066
    RAM Speeds: DDR2 4200 / DDR2 5300 / DDR2 6400 / DDR2 8500
    Max Memory Support: 8GB
    Expansion Slots: 1 x PCI Express x16 (2.0)
    Expansion Slots: 2 x 32-bit PCI
    Storage Controller: 1 x P-ATA/133
    Storage Controller: 6 x S-ATA & S-ATA2
    Support SATA RAID: 0,1,5,0+1
    On-Board LAN: 1 x 10/100
    On-Board Audio: 6-channel Realtek 5.1 HD Audio
    4 x rear USB2.0 Ports (plus 4 x front USB header)
    Motherboard Dimensions: ATX 190mm x 244mm

    COST : 46 pounds!

    will this be okay for the work i am doing?

    everything will addup to 284 pounds. if i add a 8800gt (Exc. a psu)

    What do ya think
  5. found a quad core for 136 pounds!

    Special Features Thermal Design Power: 95W‚True Multi-Core Design‚HyperTransport 3.0‚Cool n Quiet 2.0
    Memory Controller Dual
    Model Number HD9750WCJ4BGH / HD9750WCGHBOX
    L1 Cache 4 x 128KB
    Interface Socket AM2+
    Bus Speed 3600MT/s
    Core Frequency 2.4GHz
    Package Type Retail
    Core Name Agena
    L2 Cache 4 x 512KB‚L3 Cache: 2MB
    Product Name AMD PHENOM X4 9750 4MB SKT-AM2+ 3600MT/s RET
    Bus/Core Ratio 12x
    Warranty 1 Years
    Core Voltage 1.1v - 1.25v
    Process Technology 65nm
    Package Contents Heatsink and Fan

    are phenoms good? i dont think il over clock it so yeah. only thing il overclock is the gfx card.

    thanks, PS Wont let me edit.
  6. It's not so much the wattage as the quality of the PSU. 400W might be OK with a very good unit, but generally you should have a bit more margin.

    Here is an excellent deal:

    This motherboard would do:
  7. Are you sure you need a quad? Have a look at my guide, linked in my sig.

    In most applications and games, an E8400 would do far better than a Phenom.
  8. thank you, il have a look
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