Remember socket 478's? Help me plz ^.^

Before you continue reading, please consider the fact that I'm a 14 year old that has only been an enthusiast since December-ish. Before this time, I was brianwashed by the school curriculum and my parents to study like a zombie.

This next paragraph is not important, feel free to skip it. It's just a little story of why I'm so ignorant of Pentium 4's ^.^ Anyways, I was a little stupid at first, didn't know much about computers. Before my first build, my dad bought a pre-build Pentium 4 in 2005, and I found that it was kinda slow, so I wanted to take off the heatsink and blow compressed air over the dust to OC it. Good thing I didn't know how to take it off, since I didn't know I needed thermal compound lol :na: But I did pull up the 2 sticks on the stock heatsink and wiggled it some. I gave up on it, and decided to build myself a new computer. I didn't know what these little screws (later found out they were mobo risers) did, so I left them out when putting it together. Short circuited, beeped at me during POST, RMA'd the entire set lmao ^.^ (don't worry, I bought another set and I have it running now). While taking apart the short circuited build, I read that I had to wiggle and pull on the cpu heatsink, so now I'm wondering, could that wiggling on my Pentium 4 heatsink when I was little have caused some air bubbles to get in? I'm 99.99% certain that it has stock heatsink and stock paste; I didn't build it.

So my question is: how do I take Intel's fancy socket 478 heatsink off of my Pentium 4, and how much Arctic Silver do I put on it? A rice grain and a half like my Phenom II? Is it even worth putting Arctic Silver on it? (I bought the tiny tube and used it once, probably I'll use it once a year or so...) And are P4's supposed to idle at 40 celcius at stock? Any fsb frequency/vCore suggestions? And is 15x210 like I have right now any good? I'm trying to get it to 215x15, but OCCT stops after 20 mins telling me "CPU too hot!" :(

So close your eyes, and flash back to the good ol' days of Pentium 4's :D When there was a war between AMD and Intel, or so I have read... my dad should have got an Athlon x64 ftw then we'd have 64-bit and wouldn't be out-dated so early...
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  1. S478 uses a clip type system. Press at the end of the release clip. 40C for a P4 is normal.
  2. I don't quite understand that... do I have to take the mobo out and squish out the push pins? I called my system builder once in the past, and the guys their said I've gotta flip the 2 stick like things over and pull... and I can't pull it out. So would this be worth taking out to put Arctic Silver on?

  3. The heatsink retention clips are like claws that hook into the plastic holes in the risers. Once you flip over the two gray plastic sticks, one in each direction so that it releases the tension on the fan/heatsink, you can pop 2 of the clips off on one side then the other. You might have to pull out on the one side until it slides up a little then you can pull the 2 clips on the other side out and pull it off.

    Stock P4 coolers come with a thermal pad instead of a thermal paste if I remember correctly so you moving it shouldn't have messed with your temps too much. And if you plan on sticking with a stock cooler applying Arctic Silver might net you a degree or 2 but in the end if you plan on overclocking at all, the stock cooler needs to be replaced.
  4. There is actually two clips on the left and right that you flip open then you have to use a flathead screwdriver to pull it out of each part in the picture above me.

    As for the AS5 you want a peasized drop and either just put the heatsink on or use a creditcard to smooth it over the silver part of the CPU.
  5. You RMA'd something you ruined? Where is your integrity son?
  6. Lets try to give him a hand eh?

    Jeez ... try to focue on the request.

    If you don't want to help the kid then crawl back into the hole you came from.

    computabug here is a link to help you work through the problem.

    Let us know how you go.

  7. Alright, I got it. Thanks for all your help everyone, I woke up this morning and I just see like 5 new posts and I'm like overwhelmed lol :D Thumbs up to reynod and Glueman for really good help lol.

    Alrighty, now who knows how to take of the hsf of a pentium 3? :na:
  8. It is in here somewhere.

    Intel have a good site ... you have to go through the links rather than use the search engine though.

    Two types of P3 - cartridge and FC-PGA ... tell us if it is one (the cartridge is a big black box plugged straight into the mobo with a fan on the side) or the other (mounted in a similar way to the P4 (heatsink fan sitting on top with a clip).
  9. The heat sink comes off better if it is warm. Run the cpu enough to get it hot, then shut down and try to remove the heat sink right away. The thermal interface material softens up as it warms up.
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