Best CPU for Modeling and Video Rendering

As the thread says, I'm looking to build a new desktop to use modeling programs like ALGOR, Mimics, AutoCAD, etc. I'm also going to be using programs like Sony Vegas and Premiere to do some video editing. I'm not going to play intense games at all (the only games I play from time to time are flash ones online).

What kind of processor would you recommend? My price range is just a few hundred dollars. I need to buy a CPU, mobo, ram, hdd, video card and monitor all for less than $500 preferably.

Thus, I'm willing to spend around $125 on a CPU.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
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  1. Well I have no idea of what those programs do or what kind of activities those are... lol but here is my advice: the BEST would be an i7 for sure, but that is completely not practical ^.^ so for a $500 budget, I'd suggest you stick with a budget brand like AMD, like I have. I'd suggest get a Phenom 720, or 710 if you're not overclocking. Buy some cheap mobo, without SLI or crossfirex since you're not gaming. I got a M4A78 PRO because it's got 5 power phases, good for my overclocking. At, they've got 4 gigs of OCZ ram for $25 after rebates. For you're budget, don't buy a graphics card :P. I got the 500gb WD SE16 Caviar Blue hdd, but chose what you like. That adds up to 150+120+25=around $300, and add a HDD, PSU, case, monitor, and all input devices ontop of that. Should be around 300+50+40+30+120+20+20=$580 CAN, which includes monitor and keyboard/mouse/speakers. Hopefully, you'll be paying in USD which will make this under budget ^.^ If you can't afford this, swap out the cpu and mobo for a $80 Athlon 7750 and $100 M3A78 EM, lowers cost to $485 CAN. Use the extra money to buy a bigger monitor ^.^

    Hope that helps.
  2. That helps a lot. But my question would be: does the graphics card matter for when I'm modeling things or is all that processing solely based off of the CPU?

    Thanks for all that by the way.
  3. If those are vey intense apps that run 3D models and 3D animation then u really will need a graphics card. And for video editing u will need some sort of graphics so that it is clear and good looking.

    So u will need a graphics card, here's one

    Go with either the Sparkle or the XFX. The Sparkle however, is a very good deal for $45.
  4. With that budget you won't be able to do those modeling programs at all. You'll need a lot of RAM, and Quad Core processor (Q6600 will be fine) and a great video card, (9800GTX+ minimum.) So you need to save up more or throw away the ides. A 500 dollar budget will allow you to run windows stable... that's it.
  5. Upendra09's card choice won't be enough by the way. I run Sony Vegas Pro Build 179 and I can do it fine with my graphics cardS, (3 3870 cards all running at x16 speeds.)
  6. Last month we had two separate threads that are very similar to this one. I actually spoke with design engineers at the technology center where I work. They use AutoCad and other similar programs.

    The design engineers were using the latest versions of AutoCad and Adobe products. Their systems were equipped with Intel quad core processors. They focused on high end cpu's and memory rather than high end graphics. However, their systems were not equipped with the new Intel Core i7 cpu's. The Core i7's were not yet available when they upgraded last year.

    The information provided by the design engineers was very similar to what I read at several technical web sites and an AutoCad forum. The biggest problem will be the budget.
  7. Well, I won't be doing ridiculously intense modeling or anything. Maybe this will put things into perspective. I have a Thinkpad x61tablet,

    Intel Core 2 Duo L7500 1.6GHz
    Intel GMA X3100 graphics, Intel 965 Express Chipset
    4 gig DDR2 (only 3.1 gigs recognized by 32-bit XP and Windows 7)
    7200 RPM hd

    and I run AutoCAD 2009 very well, and I also use Sony Vegas Pro 9c and have rendered a few small videos (2-10 min.) at 720p without much problem at all (except a really hot CPU after 15min. of rendering at 100% usage).

    I'm just looking to get a desktop so I don't have to keep using my laptop to run these programs. I know any kind of desktop could handle these programs at least as well as this laptop does so I just wanted to get a descent one without spending too much on it. I just don't want my laptop to go through stages of using both cores at 100% for almost 30 min. at a time.

    I guess what I should be wondering is should I go for a standard Core 2 Duo or AMD?

    Thanks everyone for all the advice.
  8. I don't know about all those programs, but I don't think you need a powerful gpu. Personally I would go with an AMD set up and get either a Phenom X4 or a Phenom II X3 with that budget and 4Gb of DDRII memory. The quad/tri threading should show much better performance in that software than anything Intel offers in that price range as your only choice from them will be a dual core. You should also be able to get away with purchasing a 780G or 790GX motherboard and just using the integrated graphics as they are several times more powerful than whats in your laptop.
  9. Phenom 9600 / Asus 780v combo: $140

    Corsair 2x2Gb DDR2 1066: $64 ($44 AR)

    2 x Western Digital Caviar SE 80GB Hard Drives: $34 x 2
    (1 for OS/Apps - 1 for capture)

    Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB Hard Drive: $100
    (output drive/storage - - better hurry - deal ends today)

    HP L1710 Silver 17" 5ms LCD Monitor: $110 ($79 AR)

    Asus Radeon HD 3450 256MB: $35 ($25 AR)

    Total: $517 ($441 ARs)

    You could run on the IGP until your rebates came in and purchase a better video card and/or sumthin' else.

    Vegas uses MainConcept encoders (which seem to favor AMD) and will peg all four cores on that lowly Phenom 9600 (which you should be able to clock at stock volts to 2.5-2.6GHz by simply raising the cpu multiplier). I think those RAMs are on the Asus QVL list but you need to verify that - you will most likely have to set the timings manually - or maybe not - LOL)

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