Buy cheaper DDR2 800 and Overclock it or more expensive DDR2 1066

Right now I have 4GB "2x2" of DDR2 1000 ram that I overclocked up to 1066. My motherboard is standard 800 so doing 1066 is a straight bios change.

My questions whats the better route. Im thinking about adding a little bit more ram maybe 2 or 4 GB more. Whats the better choice buying the 800 ram and trying to overclock that to 1066 or buying the 1066 ram and just throw it in.

My timing at the moment are 5-5-5-15
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  1. For best results when adding memory, you should by identical modules (timings, voltage, etc.) Mixing memory usually doesn't work very well, particularly when overclocking. DDR2 1066 usually is good DDR2 800 that's certified to overclock to 1066 with higher voltage and relaxed timings.
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