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Hey, so i'm creating a new build with a Radeon 4830 Hd with a Creative Sound Blaster Audigy SE 7.1 Sound Card.

I'm going to connect this top my sony bravia HDTV, and i've heard that HD sound can be output through the HDMI cable.

Will getting a sound card affect the audio from the HDMI connection, and is there any sound card that support an Hd audio connection, that can output the many different audio forms?

Help is appreciated.
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  1. The ATi cards have a build in 7.1 sound device. This is the only sound that can be sent through the HDMI connection from the card. If you want to use the sound from your Sound Blast you will need to use HDMI for video only and then output the audio via cables to your TV.

    You can change which sound device your computer uses in the control panel. I have an X-Fi XtremeGamer card that I use but it also allows me to switch to the onboard sound to my video card for HDMI.
  2. If you're just hooking it up to the Bravia, then stick with the HD4830.

    For HD Audio you need a proper decoder (good AV receiver).

    For all the features of a Creative card, plus HDAudio, then you need this;

    But if you don't have a receiver to decode DTS-HD Master and Dolby TruHD, then there's little benefit if you're just sending it to the 2.0/2.1 audio of your TV.
  3. Yeah, what the monkey said! haha.
  4. for sound via the hdmi download the new catalist 9.1 driver from ati.

  5. I'm currently running my sound through my HDMI connection on my ATI 5870 plugged into an HDMI port on my receiver. However I am not able to adjust any of the sound card properties. I got a 3.5mm to RCA adapter, plugged that into the digital out port on the sound card and connected it to the receiver via RCA cables. However I'm not able to get any sound from the receiver. I tried selecting the SPDIF playback device in the sound properties however that didn't work either.

    Any tips?
  6. Hopefully the audio and video will still sync up when using HDMI only for video, and using the Soundblaster directly to the speakers. I guess if this happens though you can always adjust the sync times using the filters and switches in the various codecs that are being used.
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