Not able to initialize hard drive

I have a strange problem with a hard drive which i pulled out of my laptop and placed into a usb external case.

I can see the drive under hardware manger but under disk mangement I am unable to see the drive.The drive was using grub to boot if that has any effect on it..

and it seem that i am unable to format the drive also i have tried the drive in another case and cables but still have the same problem..

any input would be much appreciated
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  1. i guessing here. problem is probably on the hardware layer. not enough power comes to mind. make sure the case's external power source or dual-USB connector is plugin. wat it may be detecting in Hardware Device is the interface.

    imho, under Computer Management > Disk Management, the bottom half should b software independent. regardless of the data on the drive, it should show up as Disk 0, Disk 1 or Disk 2.

    if it missing on the list at the bottom half panel, i suspect it's a hardware issue on the disk or cases.

    sry couldn't help u more.
  2. The two usb cases that i tried do have an extra usb plug for the extra power..

    Just strange that I can see the drive under device manager and the icon for safely removing usb device both shows the drive.. but nothing under disk management

    just tried doing a low level format on the drive but it shows a few error constantly ..on areas of the drive.. it seemed to format it but not sure if it was done correctly due to the fact that I tried to partition the drive using easuse partion and it failed to write the info to the drive...

    Now I am really starting to scratching my head...
  3. Just tried to put the drive into another laptop but now I am unable to acess my drive. my password for loggin now does not work
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