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Hello, Could someone please give me a list of air coolers that will sit nicely together with the G.Skill Pi Series with the ram cooler attached.

I thought about purchasing the Venomous X but according to this page a stick of the ram will not fit in the 1st slot of a 1156 board, and only just about fits in the 2nd slot (my mobo is only slightly more accomodating than the one in the pic).
That would be fine but for the loss of the snazzy led cooler and limiting expandability in the future.

So which air coolers are cheaper/better than the Corsair H50 watercooler that don't cover up the first ram slot?
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  1. Cooler Master Hyper 212+
  2. dfusco said:
    Cooler Master Hyper 212+

    I had the CM Hyper 212+ in mind, but it gets outpaced a lot of other heatsinks for keeping overclocking temps down.
    The Titan Fenrir was my other choice, but it covers slot 1 with the fan attached. I could go with that for now and forego the ram cooler (QQ) and when it's time to use all 4 dimm slots buy an equally priced/good cpu cooler which doesn't protrude over slot 1. Or I could save myself all the headaches now and splash out on a Corsair H50 and be done with it (and risk pump failure and higher temps than top air coolers).
  3. kirby2096 said:
    (and risk pump failure and higher temps than top air coolers).

    Pump failure could certainly be a possibility.
    Higher temps than top air coolers is pretty much BS.
    When properly configured the H50 will cool as well as almost any air cooler., except maybe the DH-14, have you seen the size of that thing ?
    This is a review done by a watercooling guru, pay close attention to what he writes in the " Final Thoughts and Conclusions "
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