Find a backup copy on pc that was mapped to erased external harddrive?

Hello, is there any way to recover a backup file on a pc that was mapped to an external hard drive that was erased. I have a microsoft money file that was mapped to an external harddrive. There was not a copy on my pc harddrive. I am trying to move it over to my macbook and convert it to a quicken file. the apple technician did not understand that and had me erase the harddrive and reformat it so it could be read by both the dell pc and the macbook. in the process, i selected the wrong version of the money file i wanted to convert and then erased the entire external harddrive. is there any record of it on my pc somewhere even though I did not map the file to the pc harddrive?
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  1. You can't get the data off what you have left, but you may be able to use a data recovery software on the wiped drive. Most you need to pay for, $30-40 or so.
  2. I will try that, thank you so much.
  3. Try recuva. I don't know if it will work, but it's free.
  4. great, thanks!
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