Loopback Adapter Problem HELP !!!!!!

Ok I'm setting up a server of a game , others can play it, but I cant play it due to having connection error.
I followed the guides to setting up my server but all that was missing was being able to connect. I found that I don't have a dynamic IP because my IP stays, so " No-ip" was inconclusive. But anyways, to my point, I kept getting errors about "Local Area 2(loopback) Limmited Connectivity, and unidentified network." With my background knowledge in computer I tried, but nothing I could think of worked, even looking at forums and what not.

Loopback( Local Area 2) :
the rest are blank
and Net bios are disabled.

What can I do to solve this and get my server up ?????????
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  1. Is this a stand alone server or are you trying to play the game on the server?
  2. Scenario is I made my own server of a game( Im the Host), and I cant connect to my own server where others like my friends could. So typically I'm trying to play the game on the server. :sweat:
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