Seagate 7200.12 1Tb ST3100528AS Clicking Sound


I just recently bought a seagate hard drive (details as the topic). First I made a raw partition, the whole disc. I want to make it as a storage drive. Secondly I format it under windows 7, using 4096 bytes option.

Soon there was a clicking noise when I power on on and off the computer. I heard the clicking noise in never a good thing. Problem is some people had the clicking noise when the drive is in use, while mine was only powering on and off.

Is this some kind of sign that the drive has problems?Any ideas how to eliminate the sound?

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  1. Hi,

    I have the same type of drive running on a Dell system. ST53100528AS. The drive is EXTREMELY loud making clunking noises when performing I/O read and writes.

    This was a replacement and refurbished drive from Dell.

    They are sending another replacement drive.

    I would recommend you do the same, and ask for a different manufacturer for the replacement.

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