I7 920, OCZ 1866, OCZ vertex, P6T SE, HD5870, need help to tweak and OC

Hello, didnt find a matching category to post this inquiry so i hope this is ok.
I would like/need some help to make my system faster, reliable and durable. CPU, GPU (full card) and MB is watercooled, ram has OCZ XTC cooler.
I would like to run at approx:
i7 920 stepping, @ 4ghz,
OCZ Reaper 1866, 9-9-9-28,1,65v 3x2gb @ 1,9mhz,
Sapphire HD5870 vapor-x oc 1gb,set to 900mhz and 1300mhz via catalyst.
As for SSD, i have 2x30gb OCZ Vertex set to raid 0.
Im using Win7x64
Ive spent the last week reading, tweaking and "SOME" restarts.
It seems like i cant get all of it to run at wanted speeds. That is with my knowlege and skills.
Cpu runs nicely at 4ghz (19x210 at 1,18v) but at the same time i cant get my ram above 1,2mhz@ 1,64v, without setting volts WAY higher than bios stock.
So id like some help with what bios settings i should try to make it happen.
What can i do with my SSD-disks to make them faster (they are set to raid in bios, not AHCI), atm i get 5,9 points in Win-exp-test, is there anything i can do to improve them or is it max for those disks in raid 0?
This is my first attempt with OC, so it might be easier (for me) to answer as if i was five years old or make it simple and to the point :p
Thx for any help :-)
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  1. I hope you started out by setting the RAM multiplier to the lowest ratio, 8x not 10x in the BIOS. From here start your OC in small steps to ensure stability. Your RAM voltage seems high; try to get this voltage lower so that the RAM does not fail prematurely. Once you obtain the desired OC, then set the RAM multiplier to the next higher ratio and check for RAM speed and voltage. You may be happy with the results.

    A higher CPU speed has a more positive effect than running the RAM at higher speeds.

    And, as you are doing all this OC, pay close attention to the temps. BTW, my i-7 920 is OCed and running at 3.82 GHz on a V8 cooler (air). Idle temps are around 30 degs. C
  2. thx for the tip, i didnt set the multiplier to x8, but now i have =)
    im now at 3,8 @ 1,18v, with ram set to 1,6mhz 7-7-7-20

    ill keep my current setting until i get 2x 120mm fans for radiator and 2 for cube case. And change the loop for cpu (now sharing loop with MB, changing it to cpu- then MB) so i can get cpu temp lower, atm 40 C idle and 60 with load, 25 C in room.
    Strangely i get 1-2 C less on cpu idle when i load gpu, havent figured that one out yet..

    So now im left with my two SSD- disks in raid 0, with them set to raid in bios
    i only get 145m/s transfer rate, is there anything i have done wrong, can i change anything to make them pass 240-250m/s?
    Would a pci-e raid 0 controller do the trick? Or AHCI, or...?

    One more thing in the end. Is there any point or is it possible to OC my HD5870 past the catalyst tweak: 900mhz and 1300mhz? Running @ 50 C with load, highest temp read from GPU-Z is gpu#3 with 55 C.

    thx again for any response
  3. A separate RAID card will take the load off the CPU, but I am not suggesting this. On my system, I am using the motherboard RAID1 for my data.

    My i7-920 is OCed to 3.82GHz and my idle temps are around 32 degs C (ambient 25 degs C) - this is a 43% OC. Your idle temp seems a bit high; just ensure that the CPU cooler is installed correctly with the proper thermal compound (Arctic Silver 5)

    Beware of RAID0! RAID0 is striping - the data is striped and written alternately to both disks. If you lose one disk, you will lose ALL data. I utilize RAID1 (mirroring) for my RAID setup. See this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RAID

    The SSDs transfer rate may be limited by your motherboard, but in any case, wait until you setup your system completely before tweaking anything. Strongly advise you to change from RAID0 (striping) to RAID1 (mirroring)

    Leave your graphics card alone - these things run hot anyway. Why add to the heat issues and accompanying reduced life issues? Here is some more info on your card: http://www.techspot.com/review/198-ati-radeon-hd-5870-review/

    Good luck!
  4. Im using Noctua NT-H1 so its not the paste thats making it happen, but it might be my install thats not 100%, i might try lapping when i reassemble it.

    Ill give my cooling a makeover when i get the new fans.
    Changing loop to: pump- rad- rad- cpu- gpu- mb- pump, any thoughts on that?
    My pump is Aquastream XT with Aquainlet, temp given before is with pump at 60hz.

    Gonna make better airflow in my Cube Case.
    I have atm 3x 120mm on radiator pulling in(front) and 2x 120mm + 3x 80mm pushing out(all rear). 2. radiator has passive cooling(horisontal in lid), thought that would be good enough. New fans will consist of 2x 120mm pulling in via lid-radiator and 2x 120mm pushing out in front.

    If this wont make a diff. ill ebay it =)

    I have to think about what im gonna do with my disks Raid 1 or anything else. Been thinking of buying a pci-e controller and/or a third disk, but ill look into it some more before i deside.
    I know of the risk of using Raid 0, but i tried it to get the speeds, to no avail..

    Like always, thx for any reply.
  5. On your OCZ drives are those benchmark numbers or just moving files around within the raid array and seeing how fast those move. If those are actual benchmarks they seem a little low. Real world performance is always lower than benchmarks most of the time.
  6. The first numbers i gave was from Hdd-tune free version.

    This is the numbers after reinstall in AHCI mode.
    Done on OCZ 30gb Vertex, clean OS install, win7 x64.
    Benchmark done by Crystaldisk 3.0 x64: read-write
    1. run
    Seq: 203,9- 98,78
    512k: 151,7- 106,7
    4k: 29,86- 9,439
    4k qd32: 64,90- 9,204

    2. run
    Seq: 202,0- 98,51
    512k: 152,3- 107,8
    4k: 29,76- 9,422
    4k qd32: 64,80- 9,302

    Did the the test, before OS, driver update and disk firmware-update.

    I have a feeling its faster than my attempt on Raid 0, kicking my self for not doing the same test in RAID 0 as on this....
    Gonna update firmware, OS and drivers, so ill come back with new numbers.
    Im using the other SSD for programs. Seagate HDD`s takes care of downloads and stuff.

    How does the numbers look so far?
    Am i correct that if i want to stripe(raid 0) two of my Seagates i need a hardware-controller, since im in AHCI mode?

  7. I don't feel comfortable with RAID0; that's why I cannot recommend RAID0.

    Ask yourself the question as to how valuable your data is. All drives eventually do run into problems and when you have a problem with one disk in RAID0, you lose ALL data on both disks. Another case for good frequent backups.

    If your motherboard supports both RAID0 as well as RAID1, then you can setup different arrays using different RAID on the designated SATA connectors. Not all motherboard SATA connectors can be used for RAID because they may be on different controllers. I don't know enough about ACHI. Generally, RAID0 is slightly faster than RAID1, but the user will not notice these speeds as both are blazing fast.
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