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I've been using XP for years. Happy with it. After a recent power-out, it started to act funny. At first it would not boot at all. I did several diagnostics and repair procedures and eventually I got it to boot up again.

At first I got messages like 1st primary master not dedected and first primary slave not detected.

Now it boots up but it keeps crashing. Sometimes it lets me work for ten minutes, sometimes for an hour or two. Frustrating -- can never be sure to finish a job. And,, if I go away for a few minutes, it inevitably crashes AND it reboots automatically. Please help.

Ambros Prechtl, alias
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  1. the power outage probably caused some hardware to fail. you have to diagnose what the problem is before you can proceed with a solution.

    see if your BIOS has any built in tests, especially for RAM and HDD

    if not look into free/paid diagnostic utilities
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