Headphones, speakers, receiver... problem with sound

Hello. I am posting this on like 5th forum, because i don`t get answer anywhere. So i really hope, i will get help here.

I am using:

- Vista 32
- asus p5kc motherboard
- realtek hd audio manager

So here is the thing. I have plugged in headphones with microphone (purple and green cable) and i have plugged in pc speakers (green cable). I also have plugged in receiver for home cinema for music listening (plugged in via spdif out. That is all plugged in on the back of the computer.

Here is the problem. The headphones with microphone works good (can hear all sounds in, can talk in microphone,...), the speakers dot`t work (no sound at all comming out), the receiver not working (no sound). And basicly what i want is, that heapdhones work as they are now, i want speakers to work (so when i want to listen on speakers i just put my heapdhones down) and also i want receiver to work (to turn of speakers when i want to listen the music on receiver).

I have tried everything (switching plugs,...) and it doesnt work... Basicly i dont know, if i need to setup the audio manager or something in windows.. i dont know....

Please any1 help me, i dont know what to do, been like that for 3 days now.. cant find solution. Ty very much.
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  1. no one cant help me?
  2. Hmmm.. i don't know much about this situation and i am suffering from the same problem too.. i think the problem should be in the head sets!!!
  3. Control Panel ==> Sound

    You should be able to see each of the different possiblilities from there and also test them. If you can't, right click the window and select "Show Hidden Devices"
  4. By way of additional information: Rather than switch devices back and forth in the control panel, I set it up to go to my receiver always and just use that.
  5. The problem is that both the speakers and your headset share the same output. The easiest thing to do would be to switch the default sound output device in the control panel as needed.
  6. ok. Somehow i have managed receiver to work. In audio manager i just switch default speaker. But my pc speakers still doesnt work... dont know whats the problem.. i hate it...
  7. You can't output to two seperate devices at once. Either go through your receiver, or go through your speakers.
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