Am2+ 4x2gb ram 1066 looking to upgrade my memory to 8gb....I have a phenom 2 940...and i want to use all my memory slot...

My plan was to have 4 2gb sticks of ram all working at 1066 dual channel...

I have been reading that this isnt possible and motherboards will knock the speed back to 800...

Is it possible to run 4 sticks of 2gb ram all at 1066?!?!
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  1. Depends on your motherboard. Many will revert to a slower speed with all 4 slots filled. Can't guarantee full performance with 4 slots filled. If you try it, and your board runs at 1066, please post your results.
  2. Did it end up working at 1066? If so, what mobo do you have?

    I just ordered 8GB (4X2) of G.skill 1100 (PC8800) ram for my setup and I hoping it will work. I am running a Gigabyte GA-MA790X Mobo with a Phenom II 940 BE.

    I'll report back if mine works.
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