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Can anyone please Help! I have a need to know the jumper settings for a Fujitsu man3184mp 18gb scsi U160 10K 68 pin hard drive, to be used in a RAID Array, in an old 2003 server.

I also need to purchase One, (I have three0 but need a fourth. Than you if you can Help, 'Dusty'
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  1. Try here for the drive>http://discountechnology.com/Products/9GB-18GB-68-Pin-SCSI-Hard-Drives
    Unable to find jumper setting, try some Googling.
  2. HI Jonmor68

    Thank you for the information, will try discountechnology.com in repect of scsi hard drive. Trying to set up RAID volume 5 with three hard drives, but a fourth will provide a little more space. Fujitsu stopped producing hard drives last October, they sold the business to Toshiba!
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