For a CPU with lesser wattage, what should I keep in mind?

Does it over heat faster? Shouldn't I need a more powerrful power supply?
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  1. Does a "lesser wattage CPU" over heat faster? No.
    Does a "higher wattage CPU" over heat faster? No.
    Under normal conditions no CPU should "over heat".

    Do you need a more powerful power supply for a "lesser wattage CPU"? No.
  2. A higher wattage CPU would heat up quicker than one of lower wattage, provided these CPUs are of the same process and architecture. And by "wattage" I'm referring to actual power consumption, not the TDP which varies by class.

    One thing to keep in mind about a low wattage CPU: don't pay a lot more for one. Usually a normal variant of the same CPU can be undervolted to meet or beat the efficiency of a stock low wattage one.
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