SLI 9800GTX+ OC 3dmark06

OK my old score with my SINGLE 9800gtx+ SC 770mhz from EVGA was 14653.

This one DIED ... Futurshop didnt have those on hand so i took 1 BFG + another one ... for my SLI that i had in mind for a LONG time. THX to my EVGA for dieing ! that decided me ;)

2X the card are a bit smaller than my last one and have only one 6pin PCI connector.

So i just putted it in. Was so empressed to run a 3dmark06 !!! enabled SLI restarted. AND HERE WE GOOOO !

BANG ... 16521 .. :( im a lil disapointed ...

CPU E6850@ 3.6GHZ 1600FSB (WCed)
P5N32e SLI plus (dual 16x)
4g G-skill Pi-Black @ 800 mhz 4-4-4-12
600W TT toughpower
181.22 Nvidia driver.

EVGA precision shows 760 core clock. 1890mhz Shader and 1125 Mem clock. GPUz confirm this and confirm that my SLI is enable. ALSO my POWER meter was showing 425W when 3dmark06 was running. (was about 300-325 with one card)

SOOOO ... i just have to live with this ;) !!! any advice !

P.S. ill run a Crysis Bench...
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  1. haaaaa crysis shos the full advantage off the SLI. going from 25 avg fps to 45 avg fps ! 64bit.

    Making me feel better ;)
  2. And now, after playing a few more games, im REALLY HAPPY with my buying.

    Mirrors Edge MAXED 2x AA 60FPS
    CODwaw MAXED 2x AA 60FPS
    TF2 ( yes i love this game) maxed - you dont want to know the FPS.

    The 3dmark score isnt taking full advantage off my SLI. Newer games seems to.

    + the BFG cards iss running WAY cooler than my EVGA. 38c idle (50% fans) vs 48c evga ... and gaming show the same 10c lower temp.
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