Safe OC for AMD Athlon II x2 240 Regor


I'm new to OC'ing and was wondering if anyone could help me reach a stable OC.

I have uploaded my CPU-Z report to but in short I have an AMD Athlon II x2 240 and I want to reach a stable OC.

I recently upped the BCLK to around 290 from 200 while increasing the voltage. It shortly crashed which I believe is due to the low memory rating. I reduced the multiplier as well to reduce speed on the CPU.

I am hoping to reach speeds around 3.8 Ghz.

Thanks in advance
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  1. First thing you need to do is set that voltage back to stock!
    Second thing is your link didnt work!
    3rd is I need more info, what mobo are you on, what brand and speed of memory are you running?

    And dont jump your clock settings up that high in one step, try 10-20 at a time checking it for stability every other step. Do you have a copy of Prime95 to run on it?

    And i kinda doubt you will see 3.8GHz out of this CPU...might get 3.25-3.50 out of it

    Not meaning to seem a jerk, but you can blow alot of money really fast from not being careful on these settings.

    Good luck, Dead
  2. Hey sorry about the link. It was working fine for me. U=I have a copy of Prime95 and i ran the stability test at my current speed which is 255x14=3570.1 MHz. It seemed stable after about 2 hours of running.
    I have another link that should work this time as it is hosted by Pirform:
    I went reasonably cheap with most of my components as I personally don't have the money so I'm not expecting the overclock to be amazing.
    Also whenever the PC crashes it is usually because of an incorrectable hardware error about 5 seconds into boot

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