Windows 7 not detecting the GTX 295

I installed the 295 and it was not detected. So I downloaded 181.22 for Vista x64, but those drivers didn't work for gaming (CTD). So I installed a GTX 8800 and it was detected and drivers installed automatically from Windows Update.

Now I put the 295 back in, and it installed and was able to run games. However, the nVidia control panel was not available, suggesting that the drivers hadn't installed properly... So I deleted the drivers and rebooted. And... again it lists my 295 as a "Standard VGA Graphics Adapter" and a "3D Video Controler", but no drivers can be found by Windows Update.

1) Is there anywhere I can download the Windows 7 x64 drivers and install them manually?

2) Any idea how I can get Windows 7 to recognize my GTX295 so that it can download the proper drivers.

3) Have you had the GTX295 install automatically in Windows 7 x64?
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  1. ITs a new card running on Beta software. No surprise, I'm guessing no drivers are out for Win7 64 beta?
  2. Well, after I had the GTX8800 in, windows 7 did download SOME drivers that worked in games. It just didn't give access to the nvidia control panel which might just as well be b/c of a faulty install.
  3. the windows update/microsoft drivers wont come with nvidia control panel. nVIDIA dont have any drivers to download as far as win7 goes, they just say to use windows update to install them.

    If none are found, I guess your out of luck. Unless you can find some 3ed party who has created some kinda of win7 driver package.
  4. What I would recommend is unzipping the driver package into a folder where you know it's going to be. Then go into Device Manager and use the 'locate driver' button to grab the driver from where you put it.

    Vista x64 drivers should work fine.
  5. Nah, the x64 vista drivers crashes Warhammer Online, so I can't use them.

    I'd be happy to unzip the W7 drivers... but my original issue is that they won't download since Windows Update don't recognize my GTX295.

    As the saying goes... you can't unzip files that you don't have.
  6. Download them directly from nVidia.
  7. Could you link it? I can't seem to find the W7 drivers there :-/
  8. I had a quick dig around on for some win7 beta drivers. Couldnt find any.

    if its any consolation win7 wont install drivers for my 9800GTX
  9. intresting. I may try them later on and see what happens.
  10. I have the EXCACT same problem with funny enough Vista 64.....It's like the card cant be found by windows and the fan is running non stop on full speed on my card.

    I used to have a 8800GTX card installed and that worked fine, But since i got my GTX295 the card cant be found by windows, well it is found but it's not working properly.
    Was tinking there might be a connection with that i have a P5E3 Standard Motherboard ??

    PLZ help me out guys;)
  11. Yes I have Win 7 Prof 64 bit on brand new V powerful computer. It does not recognise the secon GTX 260 card
  12. go to navigate to driver downloads where you can find win 7 64 bit drivers.the newest version is 196.21.i am currently using evga gtx 295 on win 7 ultimate 64 bit with control panel and everything working fine :love:
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