OCing kingston value ram ddr2 800


Does anyone have any experience with the kingston valueram DDR2 800?

i know it isnt the best ram for OCing but it came with the package so to say

thing is im Ocing my CPU and woth that the ram runs at 820-830 MHz

i cant set a decent scaling on the mobo to reduce the mem @ 800 so i was wondering if it can handle these speeds.

my setup

Foxconn P43A(-S)
C2Q Q9550 E0 @ 3.5 GHz
Kingston Value DDr2 800 http://www.valueram.com/datasheets/KVR800D2E5_2G.pdf
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  1. You'd have to try them, and you may have to loosen the latencies to 5-6-5-20, or 6-6-6-20. If it POSTS, boot into memtest86+ from the bootable CD iso or a USB stick if your motherboard is so equipped. Let memtest86+ complete at least one full pass with no errors before you adopt the RAM settings.
  2. thanks for the reaction

    i will try it out when i get back home but i dont know if my mobo allows me to change the latencies.

    Yesterday i had it running on 820 MHz but it felt a bit slow especially when windows slammed the RAM full (vista....).

    is memtest86+ an auto boot program or do i need to make a bootable drive of my USB stick?
  3. Well that is because my mobo doesnt support the option of setting the RAM speed to 800 MHz the lowest setting i can set it at is 1:1 with FSB and the FSB is going up.

    i didnt want to OC the RAM but it seems i dont have any option unless i get a different mobo in the future

    thanks for the reply though
  4. Well because i wanted to OC my CPU which meant i had to raise the FSB over 400MHz
    and by doing so it automatically OCed my RAM

    Or maybe do you have any sugestions to push my CPU a bit further without oCing the RAM?
  5. :P i did understand it but i cant change the DRAM:FSB ratio in such a way that the ram will stay at 800 MHz or below.
    I can only change the ratio up which means that the FSB will be at 400 MHz and the RAM will be at 1.2 times that (or 1.5 or 2,,, and so on)
    if i set it to auto the FSB runs at 400 and the ram at 960.
    my mobo doesnt have the feature to leave the RAM at a static value im afraid
  6. Okay great i didnt know that thanks a lot i will check it out first thing in the morning!
    And offcourse post back if it was succesful.
  7. So reporting back. Too bad -> no luck

    couldnt find an option to enable CPU:DRAM config, but i did find an option to adjust the clocktimings and a option to turn down the ram to 667MHz but to be honest i havent tried it so far (lack of time).

    will try that and let you now
  8. Lol well eeeurrhmm i havent heard of it untill now :P i'll try it out

    guess that will do the trick

    thanks for the patience zipzoomfly ;)
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