Wich cooler ?

Planning to use a Msi board either the p55 gd 65 or the p55 gd 80 with a I 5 750 thats goin to be oc`d.
what u guys think about the cm v8 ? is it overkill ? should I just go for the cm hyper 212 or the cm hyper tx3 ?

please advice
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  1. hyper 212+ is probably the best-buy cooler, its cheap yet one of the best.
  2. agreed with prev post. v8 isnt the best out there and niether is the v10
  3. If your RAM is not too tall and there is enough clearance, go for the Megahalem. A push-pull would be superb!
  4. Hi.

    The X3 is the little version of the Hyper 212+ and is a good option if ur case isn't very big.

    Now the V8 and V10 are only wasted of money because u can find many benchmarks in which the Hyper 212+ is better that both V8 and V10.

    What is ur budget? because depends of the budget exist others very good coolers like the NH-D14, Titan Fenrir, Megahalem or Thermalright Venomous X or Thermaltake Frio.

    If u want, u can see here the best coolers for CPU
  5. Thnx for the responses guys, looks like I have to do some reading )
  6. Here's a site i use all the time its Canadian

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