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i own a hp laptop dv 2500 series. i recently upgraded my hdd from 160 to 320 gb . i got a sata usb casing for the old 160 hdd the problem im facing is it dertects the drive onmy frends laptop runinng xp but whenever i connect it to my laptop it fails to detect it detected the 160 gb hdd once but now it doesnt show inmy device manager nor the disk management service. whats is the problem cos im certain nothing weog with the hdd as it works fine on my frnds laptop
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  1. If it is not showing or getting any power (any LEDs lighting up? Drive spinning up?) then it would appear to be a USB issue with your laptop. Try different USB ports, try connecting while the OS is running rather than booting up with it plugged in, and vice versa. Update your motherboard drivers. Update the OS to the most recent service pack/security update etc.
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