Memory Upgrade: Does it have to be the same brand name?


I am looking for an upgrade to my old p4 desktop,
looking to upgrdae the pc133 ram. Currently have 512MB
and looking to upgrade to at least 1GB.
I have been thinking whether the brand name has to be the same? i.e. if i currently have kingston then i should get kingston.
Also would you recommend getting another two sticks of 2 256MB or just one 512MB or does not matter?

Thanks anyways..
also, if possible any recommendations on upgrading a socket 478 cpu from Intel P4 1.69Ghz ?

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  1. I would get a larger single stick so you have more slots to spare, and you won't have to worry about dual channel with ram that old (I'm, pretty sure).

    And no, they do not have to be the same brand, but make sure they are the same speed, so you know your motherboard can support it, and so one doesn't slow down the other.
  2. hey thanks..
    when you say same speed you are referring to the fact that they are of type pc133 right? or is there anyother speed i have to look at?
  3. considering the cost of older RAM, it's hard to justify upgrading.

    Anyway, it's likely you have dual channel memory. My dad's DDR133 board only supports up to 1GB (2x512MB). Read your manual.
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