FIrst Build-Need Clarifications and Suggestions PLEASE! THANK YOU!!!

Alright, so I bought a cheap gaming PC from Gateway (first mistake lol) with the intention of upgrading it afterwards (don't want to build a pc from ground up right away b/c want to get fundamentals down first), but I didn't think the case would be so small (only accepts micro atx motherboards). Since I want to overclock the CPU (Intel Q9300 - 2.5ghz) and make sure it doesn't blow up or something, I need better cpu cooling than what is provided.

This was the PC I ordered:
More PC specs:

This is nearly identical to the CPU cooling I have now:

This is my new CPU cooler:

This is the new thermal grease and solution:

This is my old mobo:
and here are some more specs:

This is the mobo I have now:

This is the graphics card I have now (old one was a factory OC 9800 GT):

Old PSU was a 400W Delta DPS-400RB A:

This is my new PSU:

Old memory was Hynix 4GB 667 MHZ

This is my new memory:
(shoot, it got cheaper lol)

With these components all I can really do is OC my CPU to 3.0 ghz max [since the max FSB the mobo supports is 1600, to get my intel CPU FSB to 1600, which is currently at 1333, I have to OC the non-quad pumped FSB (whatever that's termed) to 400 mhz to obtain a cpu speed of 3.0 ghz (core multiplier is locked at 7.5x)]

I know the GTX 260 should fit in my computer tower, though I'll have to move some components around (like the hard drive).

I want to OC the CPU and Graphics Card....any suggestions beyond the CPU OC I thought of?

Throwing it out there--also, is it possible to OC the supported FSB of the's at 1600 mhz right now?

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  1. Do you know what Chipset your Running?
  2. G45....whoops, looks like I have to post new links
  3. G45....whoops, looks like I have to post new links
  4. My concern is the size of the case. Mini-tower could mean a mini PSU and like you said room for the GPU
  5. The PSU in it right now is an ATX PSU, so I think the OCZ should also be the same size if it's ATX, right?
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