Buying pre-overclocked bundle, is it worth it?

Hi Guys,

I am planning to buy a pre overclocked bundle from

I plan on using this machine for gaming I already have a GTX285 card to go with it from my last pc which went bust.

I am not knowledgable about overclocking at all so was wondering a few things:

1. How long do systems clocked like this last for?
2. Is this bundle worth it or would I be just as easy to source the components cheaper and try to clock myself (bear in mind I have no idea at this point how or what to do.
3. Is this bundle worth it? The 12 month warrently appeals to me most.

Thanks for your input.
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  1. This is £80 cheaper but 200MHz less
    1. Anyones guess
    2. You should be able to learn to overclock by reading guides but the preclocked ones are easyer
    3. Up to you
  2. I've been following a chap on another forum who did the OCed bundle route and has been having big problems. He states it will run OK at stock speed but when it's OCed it refuses to boot or when it does boot it always BSOD on him so he returned it and they checked it and sent it back to him stating it was prime stable. Since he doesn't know how to OC he's more or less stuck with a more expensive stock computer. So, even if you do buy an pre-OCed bundle, you may want to learn how to OC also, but then why buy an OCed bundle, oh my head is starting to hurt.
  3. Overclocked bundles are for users that have cash to burn and do not want to learn how to manually raise the CPU clocks. In other words you can do this yourself and save some $, if money is not an object then go ahead..
  4. It does worry me that I know so little about it but I am trying to get the best bang for my buck and not just a big bang!

    Did your friend by from or another vendor?

    I am assuming if it doesn't run at its quoted speeds I can call on the warrenty and have it replaced or refunded. I know that there are probably some less reputable places that might buy in cheap gear and try to sell over the odds for it overclocked but I believe overclockers are more respectable.

    I am posting mainly to get an idea of how people in the know feel about this particular bundle and general pre OC'd bundles.
  5. Yeah it was, but I don't think that is the problem. My point is that if anything relating to the OC goes bad and you don't know how to OC, you are at the whims of a customer service agent to try and walk you through the problem and that's a long shot at best.
  6. Anyone know how much 759.99 VAC is in US dollars? I cannot get the currency converter to work..
  7. $1,109.31 USD
  8. Not that bad, you are actually paying maybe 18/19% more than if you bought everything separately.
  9. In the UK everything has 17.5% VAT added compared to US prices as well
  10. Thanks for your replies guys I appreciate it. I think i will risk buying it but definately will try to understand over clocking, got some good articles on here which I have ear marked for a read!
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