Hybrid SLI already dead?????? BOth 285 GTX and 295 GTX don't have it!


Its hard to understand because it was translated but you get the idea:)
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  1. I didn't read the whole article as I'm at work. However, page 2 of that article shows a chart which suggests the GTX 295 does have Hybrid abilities. They've got a check mark in the box for that feature.

    But, again, I didn't read the whole article to see if they found it simply didn't work.

    Then again, I wonder how well a Dual-GPU unit would scale with an integrated low end motherboard based GPU anyhow. Basically have a Tri-SLI setup that way.
  2. You will need to translate it on ur own, the link was wrong...for some reason it wouldn't link the article I wanted

    There is the real link

    Sorry again!:)
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