New video files cannot play

I use media player classic for video, and I cannot play the new video files such as .mkv and .mp4
the only files that seem to work are .avi and dvd files. However, even with .avi my computer's cpu sky rockets, even when it is the only program running. When I try to play the .mkv files, the pictures freeze, or all I hear is the sound on a black background.
my computer is a hp pavilion slimline amd athlon 64 X2 dual-cord processor 4800+ 1024mb 320gb hard drive with nvida ge force 6150 se graphics.
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  1. Solution: VLC media player
  2. cjl said:
    Solution: VLC media player

    i already tried that.. some files it works well, but some of them still have the pictures freezing while the sound works perfectly.
  3. You should be able to down load FREE codecs somewhere. google
  4. i have the codec package its like ccd or something like that...
    i tried countless others and I'm starting to think its a problem with the computer.
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