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well some last details before my Newegg wish list goes to cart (hopfully tonite) Do I need both a DVD rom & burner, or can I use two burners ? Will be installing W7 from theses drives so they gotta work ! Also any recommends on brand and model ??? I got 2 lite on dvd r/w in my wish list now, that had the most reviews but went to lite on's web site and that model was not listed in there downloads, searched for drivers on the net, maybe a optic something badged as Lite on ???? ( sorry for some reason links not working a this work computer )
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  1. You can use two burners, I don't know if you can still buy ROM only drives, but there is no point as burners can do both and are cheaper then ROM's used to be.
    As for brands, ask 10 people and you will probably get 5 different answers.
    Liteon seem popular also LG and Pioneer. I have 2 LG's in mine, one's about 3 years old and still going, it's used a lot.
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    Yes, you can still buy DVD ROMs, but there's no reason to. For a few more dollars, you can get the burning capabilities. I've got dual burners in all of my PCs, except for one. I've got one PC that just has a single burner. You'll have no problem with dual burners.

    I've had good luck with LG, Lite-Ons, and Optiarcs. You don't see drivers on some sites, because you don't normally need a driver. The default windows driver will work to recognize the drives.
  3. cool staff ,thanks for sharing.
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