AMD Phenom x4 ii 965 overclock problem

So ive been overclocking my AMD Phenom x4 ii 965 and for some reason i cant get it past 3.6Ghz without it BSODing randomly. It stays fine at 3.6 but any higher and it will crap out. Temps are not a problem. I have no idea why it just crashes. This is my Setup

AMD Phenom x4 ii 965 BE
Asus m4n82 Deluxe Mobo
Nvidia XFX Geforce 9600 GSO
Corsair 500 watt PSU
Corsair H50 Water cooler
750GB Seagate HDD
2TB Western Digital HDD
Running Windows 7 Pro x64
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  1. How far have you increased the voltage? Have you manually set the RAM speed and timing?
  2. I havent changed the RAM timing or the voltage, They are both on auto. The voltage gets up to 1.4 something so i dont think its a undervotage
  3. Try setting the RAM timings manually to there stock speed and timings.
  4. Yeah, for some reason when i updated my bios i cant overclock or change anything, so i guess im fine for now. thanks anyways.
  5. That is the same chipset my MSI M/B is running, have you gotten any further with your overclock attempts?
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Overclocking AMD Phenom