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Hi My CD drive is not working. I bought SQL server CD to install SQL Server in my laptop but my cd drive is not working now so my question is that is there any way i can use that cd to install SQL server with out cd drive . if i put any cd in my cd rom it automatically coming out from cd drive.
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  1. Exactly how will you use the CD without a functioning CD drive, or even get any idea from us on how to do that, I can't fathom.\

    We can tell you go find a replacement drive, but really that's about it.

    Unless you somehow develop laser beams shooting from your eyes and a computer brain to sort out the info as you spin the CD on your pinkie finger :-) You'd also need a USB cable coming out of your nostril connecting to the computer to get the data there. I hear the left one would be close to USB3 speed, the right one has too much mucus and causes interference.
  2. Replace the drive and try again.

    Another option is to have an external USB like this one:
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