MSI P35 eSATA and Nexstar dual bay dock

So I have a MSI P35 Platinum motherboard. It has two eSATA ports. I thought I'd use them and bought Vantecusa's Nexstar NST-D200 dual bay dock. If I use USB, everything works fine. However, if I connect through eSATA, the dock is not seen. I am running Vista Business SP1. I have to internal SATA drives connected to ports 3 and 4. Ports 1 and 2 are the eSATA ports. This motherboard has 5 internal SATA ports. Ports 3-6 are ICH9R based, port 7 is Marvell 88SE6111 based. I don't know about ports 1 and 2 though.

The first time I tried, some box appeared at the lower right of my screen. It was not the expected "new hardware" box. It did have to do with finding a driver, and "tried" for about 5 minutes to do so. No error, but no success either. Just a cancel button.

I've contacted Vantecusa support via email and they say it should work, power the unit on with a formatted drive, wait 5-10 minutes(!?!?!?!) and then connect the eSATA cable. They also say that it's not supposed to alert me of new hardware.

No drive/s show up in Disk Mananagement. If I reboot and look in the BIOS, the drives DO show up, but not with detailed info like the internally connected SATA drives.

Am I doing something wrong here? If so, what? If not, anyone have any suggestions other than taking the dual bay dock back for a refund? I don't want to use this through USB, I already have a USB dock.

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  1. Dear Sir,
    Even I purchase MSI P35 Platinium and I had a big problem of sata ports. I have never used e-sata but from sata 3 to 7 I have tried its not working well. After 3 to 5 days my PC hangs up and sometimes ask for boot device. Atlast I got tired and right now I have given to MSI service centre to check. Did you ever used RAID in P35
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