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can i play pc games like counter-strike source and call of duty in a hd resolution on my monitor? my monitor uses 16:10 i have a dvi output slot from my graphics card (9800GT) and dvi in slot at the back of my monitor i think my monitor is dvi-d hdcp compatible. what kind of cable would i need? i have a hdmi cable and two adapters for it that allow the cable to be hdmi-dvi or would i need to buy a dvi-dvi cable? would it work better if i used my 37" hdtv to display games in hd resolution?
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  1. anyone?
  2. thx for the help...
  3. You're serious?

    Check what resolution your monitor uses. If it's above 640x480 then technically it's HD.
  4. 1. You should connect the PC to the HDTV using a DVI cable, if not then a HDMI cable.

    2. As long as both video card and HDTV is HDCP capable (they should be), then either DVI or HDMI cable will display protected HD video content. HDCP does not apply to PC games.

    3. Depending on your HDTV, it's resolution could be 1920 x 1080 (aka 1080p) or the lower 1368 x 768 (older standard).
  5. my tv is 1080i what resolution would that be? what framerate would i be able to get in games?
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