Help me pick a case please

I'm trying to pick a case that would be cool, have plenty of room and maybe even tool free. My favorites that I've seen so far are:

COOLER MASTER Centurion 590


If you have any suggestion let me know
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  1. I love Antec, so personally I'd take the Antec 300 or 900.
  2. If it has to be between those 2, the 690. I had one of those 590's. The 690 is built better and the front "grills" won't push in as easily.
  3. What's so good about the Antec 300 and 900?
  4. No doubt about the CM 690...
    Far better than the Antec 300...and comparative to the 900 in terms of features but is about $30 cheaper...
    So CM 690 without doubt...
  5. I think I'm going to get the CM 690 :wahoo:
  6. I would go with either Antec Nine Hundred Two or wait for CM Storm Scout to be released. The Scout looks like it is going to be an outstandring mid-tower gaming case, which is designed for LAN party usage as well.
  7. I built half a dozen pc's for other people using the Coolermaster 590 case. It's a good case for a general purpose build. Space will be tight for a gaming case. The Coolermaster 690 is better for gaming because there is more room for large components.

    The Antec 900 is a very popular case with gamers. I have not seen actual sales figures but from what I've read, it's probably one of the most popular cases available. The Antec 900 II is a new and improved version of the case.
  8. The CoolerMaster HAF932!
  9. offspringfan23 said:
    What's so good about the Antec 300 and 900?

    Take a look at my 900 pictures and you will see why I like it.

    Good Luck

  10. That CM Storm Scout looks nice but also expensive, and the Cooler Master HAF932 and Antec 900 is more than I want to pay.
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