Cheap card reader problems...

My apologies in advance for lack of technical and thorough knowledge of your obvious expertise.

With that said...I'm new to the board and this is my first thread. So hello and thank you all for coming :sol:

Anyway, so I bought this cheap-o 'multi-function panel' from our local computer store. It is just like this one here:

So my problem is (which I'm sure none of you have figured out yet) it doesn't work....yet.

This device has three connection cords for the motherboard: SATA, Jusb1~3 En-17 (?), and firewire. My particular motherboard does not support firewire so that cable is just chilling alone like most of us in our early years. (totally jk, please take no offense) So I have the other two plugged in the correct places (97% sure, lol)
and the green power indicator is on and my device manage recognizes and says it is functioning properly but when I go to deflower the slot with my huge 4g SD card (joke) nothing happens. I've tried restarting my computer with the card inserted and still nothing. The reader itself did not come with any software for the install so I figured it must be incredibly easy, and nope I was wrong.

Please for the love of (insert proper term here) help me!

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  1. If you have a usb flash drive, stick that in to make sure it's working, if the mobo connection only has pins instead of a socket that only fits one way, you may have it the wrong way around.
  2. Welcome to the forum!

    I looked at the picture of your device. It is a very fine one, and I have a similar card reader in my home built computer.

    The two USB cables should be plugged into the USB pin headers on your motherboard. The third cable (firewire) is for firewire capability in your card reader. Since your mobo doesn't have firewire, leave this alone (just as you did).

    If you have Windows 7, it will download the necessary drivers and get the card reader operational.

    What is the model of your motherboard?
  3. Welcome to the forum!

    I looked at the picture of your device. It is a very fine one. Thanks for sharing.
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