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I have a quick question about setting up a RAID, I have a 74gb Raptor (I know its old lol) and was looking at getting a second one for RAID 0 but I'm not sure if I need the exact same model number or if any other 74gb raptor will work?

Also, I have reason to believe that my original raptor has a Parallel ATA to Serial ATA bridge rather than a native SATA interface. If i get one that is native, will that have any effect on performance?

Finally, how does cache play into things, both in setting up a RAID and in just a single drive? Thank you ahead of time!
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  1. If you don't know the answer to these things, how do you know you need AID0? Most of the time your barking up the wrong tree.
  2. I looked through the sticky and I couldnt find anything about the Parallel ATA to Serial ATA bridge or about the cache so I'm just looking for some answers really. I looking at a cost/benefit analysis of getting a cheap raptor, getting increased read speeds, and effectively doubling my storage space, so thats why Im looking into RAID 0
  3. Just sell it and get a 500GB Samsung F3 drive. Should be around $50. It will be faster then your raptor, even in AID0. Single drive, quieter, no RAID issues, etc. Better over all.
  4. That's interesting that a single 7200 rpm can beat out a 10,000rpm AID-O setup! Do you know why that is? Is it the timings of the F3? I'm just really curious because I dont know too much about RAID/AID and how HDDs truly work.
  5. Mostly due to the density per platter. Those old Raptors have either 36GB platters or 74GB platters depending on the model. The new F3 and other drives have 500GBs per platter. You can spend less time waiting for the read head to get in position by either spinning it faster (raptor) or increasing the amount of data on the platter. (F3, Seagate 7200.12)

    The only raptor that can keep up with the newest drives is that 600GB one. When you look at speed vs cost however its not a good idea.
  6. Yes, the raptor is very outdated. The newer higher density drives beat it. Go with a new drive.
  7. Well alright then, I guess I'll be looking into a larger drive. Thank you to everyone!
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