IBM small comp w/ intel onboard can't output 1680*1050?

Ok so I bought a IBM small form factor comp and an Acer 20" 1680*1050 res. Computer came with vista so I put XP on it. Found drivers for IBM model 8171-2cu from lenovo's website. Installed all. Yet in my display properties I do not have 1680*1050 res option (native).

It goes from 1400*1050 to 1600*900 then 1600*1200 then up. I have the option "hide modes this monitor cannot display" UNCHECKED.

Mobo has i915G chipset and onboard graphics. The card has 1 pci-e expansion slot. How well do pci-e (non 16x) video cards do? This computer is mostly surfing with some autocad/photoshop/illustrator usage.

Thanks guys.
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  1. ok so i got the newest driver win2k_xp142550 from intel. Still no go. Did some googling and some people suggested powerstrip. I tried it, added custom resolution, and it shows up expect it looks more like 1050*1680 and its all out of whack. When I switch back to 1400*1050 it has a "input not supported" box floating around! GRRR! I think it's this junky Acer. Someone posted the issue went away when replacing samsung wide w/ HP wide, so it could be in the monitor. Any ideas?
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