PhenomII upgrade... k9a2 support??

ok, so ive been looking toward an upgrade past my 5000+BE. the phenomII 810, and 720 are lookin pretty nice but when i went online to check my K9A2's cpu compatibility, it didnt even have phenomII on there... does anyone know if its compatible? cause i really like my mobo and would hate to have to replace that and wait till i get more money to then get a 720 or 810. Any help would be apreiciated thanks
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  1. AM3 CPUs do work in AM2+ socket motherboards.
  2. Should be in their website.
  3. Check the mobo manufacturers website, it should tell you what cpus your mobo suports. you may need to update the bios to support some of the newer AMD CPU's.
  4. yes they both work, i know this because i have a 810 in the same board.
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