Overclock worthy?

Current set-up :
Cpu - AMD athlon 64 x 2 dual core 4200+ (2.21ghz)
Mobo- Asus M2N-MX
GPU - evga 9800gtx+ (factory overclocked)
psu - 500w
memory - (2x kingston hyper X gaming memory 1gb) - 1x corsair XMS gaming memory 512mb

i'm looking to overclock the cpu/memory, just want to know if i can get a nice performance upgrade and if my setup is even worth being overclocked
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  1. the 4200+ cannot be overclocked very good at all if any, their Athlon 64x2 series CPU's are not very good overclockers, not even the Black Editions are as overclockable as the Core 2 Duo's.
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