OCZ LE 50Gb or Vertex 2 50Gb for boot drive?

Is the extra 20,000mbs IOPS and slightly faster read and write capability of the Vertex 2 worth the the extra $40 over the LE?

OCZ LE 50Gb $150

OCZ Vertex 2 50Gb $190

The Le has the Sandforce 1500 and the Vertex 2 has Sandforce 1200 controller. Is there a significant difference in these drives other then the IOPS and speed. The LE seems to offer better performance/cost ratios and the IOPS and speed are right up there with 30,000mbs IOPS just behind the Vertex 2 at 50,000mbs.
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  1. If you are very serious about your speed then go with the Vertex 2. I have the mainstream Vertex and I LOVE IT!

    From what I have read the vertex 2 is literally the Limited Edition that they decided to make a full time drive after they saw how good it was doing.

    My opinion, go with the Vertex 2 for two reasons. It's better for only a small price difference and it's the newer version.
  2. OOPS

    LE just went up to $200!!!

    Decision is now academic.
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    Glad i could be of some assistance.
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