Which to choose Velociraptor 300GB or Caviar Black 1 T

So here we goo which one of this 2 drives is better for Performance



Will be on a Asus P6X58D Premiun Board..
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  1. I have a V. Raptor and while it does perform well on a SATA II set up, I think you'll see the best results by going with the Caviar Black, i.e. more storage and a bit better performance, especially on a SATA 6 set up. FYI, both links are for the Caviar Black.
  2. If performance is the only criteria, the Velociraptor wins. The Caviar Black wins the price/performance ratio.
  3. Im looking for two platted hard drive
    1 GB (Accepting Advise )
  4. Ghislain you answers is confusing.....
  5. wolfmetal79 said:
    Ghislain you answers is confusing.....
    If you are interested in performance, as indicated in your original post, then the Velociraptor is the winner. Not necessarily by a wide margin, but it will win most benchmarks. Is it worth the price premium to you?
  6. what do u mean Is it woth the price premiun to you
    are a owner of a Asus board ? wierd coz i ask for HD Advice...
  7. I simply meant that the Velociraptor is more expensive, but it performs a bit better. Is the extra cost of the Velociraptor worth the extra performance to you? It should be very easy to answer.
  8. Gee i was very tired i guess...
    is not really if u need an answer...
    i will go SSD ..Maybe OCZ.Vertex Series
    250 Read
    180 Write
  9. It will definitely be faster than a hard disk.
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