OS on SSD and files on HDD benefits?

Hi, I was currently thinking about purchasing a 40gb solid state drive to put my windows 7 ultimate operating system on and then putting all my music, videos, games and ect. onto a big 1.5 tb harddrive. I was basically wanting to ask around, what would all the benefits be from doing as such? My games would still take a normal amount of time to boot up I assume since they will be on the big harddrive? Or will I still get some type of boost simply because my operating system is being ran on the solid state drive? Any type of information or input would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

Here is the 2 drives I was looking at if this helps at all:
Also, what does the OEM mean?
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  1. You will see a faster boot time, and slightly faster operations of programs. Your swap file will be faster. But since you plan to install your programs on the slower drive, I don't think you will get a hugely noticable performance increase in those after Windows loads.
  2. Ah ok, Thanks for the info!
  3. OEM stand for Original Equipment Manufacturer.

    The difference between "Retail and "OEM" is like:

    -Retail package will included drive, mounting brackets, SATA cables, and maybe some software, in a brand name box.

    -OEM will just included the drive, may not even be in a box. So you have to get the cables, mounting hardware yourself. This adds to the cost of the OEM drive, but some already have all that stuff in the PC case, and will just swap out the old for new drive.

    I bought Windows 7 OEM, so all I got was a install disk in a CD paper sleeve. No book/manual or packaging. I do get support, though.
  4. Ah ok, thanks a lot for the info
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