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Ok so this is my first build and this is also the first time i have used cpu-z so i guess this could all just be me but heres the issues i am having cpu-z is detecting my 2x1gig sticks of crucial ddr-2 pc-8500 1066mhz ram as 4 gigs of ddr2 pc2-6400 500 mhz ram its is running in dual channel mode also my cpu is being detected at 2ghz when its running at 2.34 here is the banner from cpu-z idk how to post the actual whole page from it url=] also here is a link to the whole page if it will work basically i wanna overclock the system but i do not know if the parts are stable enough because of these false readings
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  1. ok so i have a successful mild overclock changed the cpu multiplier from 333 to 365 and ump the memory speed to 1095 mhz without changing any voltage can anyone link me a few programs to test the stability of my overclock after the overclock the cpu-z is now detecting the "3gig" stick of ram in second slot as i said before they are both 1 gig sticks
  2. First, all DDR2-1066 is just overclocked 800 memory, that's why cpu-z shows it as pc2-6400. As for the 3Gbs for a 1 Gb stick, never happened to me.

    Test, Prime95 and Coretemp or Realtemp to monitor your temps while stressing.
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