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Hello all,

My problem is what seems like it could be narrowed down to video card/power supply but i just want to make sure its either of the 2 as im replacing them anyway. Here's the problem, after playing a game for a random amount of time, (Could be 30 minutes up to 3 hours), the monitor will do one of two different things.. Either it will look like a video card's usual failing problem of artificating/pixelating or it will completely shut off the monitor and will not come back on until reboot. Any info or past history on this would be appreciated thanks everyone.

E6600 Duo
Evga 680i
XFX 8800 GTS 320mb
4GB Corsair XMS
74gb Raptor
Mushkin 550W PSU
Windows Vista/Windows 7 Beta
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  1. I wouldn't believe your PSU to be the issue.

    The 8800GTS is an older card. The thermal paste they use is like a wax resin stuff that sometimes starts to get hard and flake or mush out the sides over time. I would first try and regoop your GPU. If you need some guidance on this just let us know.

    If that doesn't work, or you do not feel comfortable doing this call XFX for a replacement. It should have a lifetime warranty. Sometimes you will luck out in those replacements as they may no longer have the 8800GTS 320 and will send you the equivilent, such as an 8800GT or 8800GTS/512
  2. jay thanks for the fast reply i was leaning towards something in the video card too but it was kinda bugging me that the temperature on it wasnt getting over 65c in full load just wanted a second opinion and i do have the double lifetime warranty that they offer for the card i think i'm just going to send it back due to it having the warranty i dont want to fiddle with taking apart pieces on there to void the warranty in any way but if they do send a better model back i'll be a lucky duck =), i'm pretty sure they've done away with the 320mb versions of this model so if thats the case i'm all for sending it back. Thanks again for the reply!
  3. FYI, their warranty is "modder friendly". so as long as you at least have the stock cooler to send back with it you are welcome to add your own cooling and what not. But yea, I would just send it back.
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