How do most people reach there limit ie Temp Voltage or stability

I just wondered what makes most people decide they have reached there overclock limit. Is it temperature, stability, they think the voltage is to high or they fry a CPU?

I stopped when any small increase increased the temperature 3-4C, just thought around 12mhz per C was not worth it even though its not that high.
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  1. Overclocking to me is only a means to increase bang/buck, insofar as I notice a difference. I'd say that temperature starting to go up, with increasing fan noise, indicates the stopping point; my OCs therefore tend to be mild, as I'd rather not have the noise.
  2. I usually just wait till I see a little bit of smoke come out of the back of the case, then I lower it a little bit :D
  3. Three Core2 systems - all within recommended Intel voltage and temperature limits, so limits were stability as defined by 24 Prime95 small fft test runs.
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