Western Digital MyBook is clicking 3 times and not recognizing

My Western Digital MyBook clicks 3 times and then shuts off but the light is still there. Also it is not recognizing.I really need the documents from that external hard drive. Any Suggestions?
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  1. You could take the drive out of it and install in your pc, if you have a desktop.
    Instructions for taking it out of the case here.
    If it's a laptop, you will need another case for it or a usb adaptor like this:
    There are others I just couldn't remember where I found one on Newegg. They cost about $15
  2. Hi,

    I have a WD hard drive too that does the exact same thing. I just attempted taking it apart and installing it in another adapter/casing but it still seems to have the same problem. any other ideas? i'm worried it may just be dead... :-(
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